UCLA Newsroom: Bringing migrant and refugee stories – and connections – to light

UCLA Newsroom recently published an article on UCLA Asian American Studies Department Professor Evyn Lê Espiritu Gandhi’s relational approach to Asian American studies. Read more about it here.

King-Kok Cheung Honored With Lifetime Achievement Award

King-Kok Cheung, professor emeritus of English and Asian American Studies at UCLA, was recognized with a lifetime achievement award by the Association for Asian American Studies for her lifelong contribution to advancing the field of Asian American and Pacific Islander studies. Click here to read more about Cheung’s achievements.


Congratulations Tiffany Lytle (MA ’17): Album Release

Tiffany Lytle’s debut LP “Cambodian Child” centers Cambodian American perspectives and experiences of imperialism, refugeeism, Asian American experience, mixed-race identity, and heart break. Featuring an all-star band, “Cambodian Child” mixes Khmer/ English language, Cambodian music styles, and pop to create a provocative sound fueled by powerful content speaking to today’s political climate. Lytle’s sounds and lyrics are depthful and weighty, embodying Cambodian Americans’ lasting creativity and resilience.

To view a sneak peek at the upcoming documentary that accompanies Cambodian Child visit:


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“We” can be found on all music platforms, including iTunes and Spotify.

Art work created by Jillian Shundo (Jill of All Trades Design)