Contract Course Processing Guidelines

Unlike most UCLA courses, Upper Division Tutorial Courses are not enrolled directly through MyUCLA but enrolled by completing and submitting a contract. These are Contract Courses, numbered between 195 and 199, and a contract needs to be completed and submitted to be considered to enter the course.

Contract Courses in Asian American Studies include:

Asian American Studies 195 or 195CE: Internship courses

Asian American Studies 196: Research Apprenticeship

Asian American Studies 197: Individual Studies

Asian American Studies 198A, B & C: Honor Research

Asian American Studies 199: Directed Research

Below are the steps to enroll in a contract course:

Step 1: Students interested in a contract course should meet with an Asian American Studies faculty member to discuss their project and determine whether the faculty is available and in agreement to teach a contract course with the student.

Step 2: Students log into MyUCLA, choose courses and choose Contract Courses

Step 3: Students follow the instructions to complete the contract course form which includes collecting the advising instructor’s signature.  Make sure that the course is for taken for 4 units and for a letter grade if you need it to count for an Asian American studies major or minor requirement.

Step 4: Students will need to submit completed contract to the Undergraduate Student Advisor at as soon as possible. DO NOT SEND THE CONTRACT DIRECTLY TO THE CHAIR, if the course is approved, the academic advisor will get the chair’s signature. The deadline to submit the contracts to the academic advisor is 3:00 PM on the Friday of the Second week of the quarter.  

More information on Contract Courses can be found here: Contract Courses | UCLA Registrar’s Office. If you have any questions on this, please contact the Asian American Studies academic advisor.