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Kelly Zhao


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Hello everyone! My name is Kelly Zhao and I am from the San Francisco Bay Area— the ancestral lands of the Ohlone and Me-Wuk (Bay Miwok). My research interests include public history, community colleges, and social movement formations. As a first-generation transfer student, I majored in Asian American Studies during my undergraduate education and am currently interested in the effects of Ethnic Studies and Social Justice programs at California community colleges. Specifically, my work is rooted in understanding how Ethnic Studies and Social Justice-related programs shape broader understandings of community within the community college setting for both educators and students. Through the program, I hope to explore the possibilities of actualizing the “community” aspect within community colleges through an Ethnic Studies approach that can best support the experiences and realities of BIPOC students within higher education. Outside of my research, I enjoy knitting, creating playlists, and going on hikes!


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