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Jollene Levid


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Jollene Levid has been a full-time union organizer for over 19 years. She has been a Lead, a Regional Organizer at United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) for the last 9 years, and was co-coordinator of the 2019 UTLA strike and the 2023 UTLA solidarity strike. Previously, she was a Director and a union organizer and negotiator at CIR/SEIU and SEIU 721 healthcare locals, and for two short campaigns in the Philippines. Jollene was first trained and introduced to the labor movement by participating in the 2002 UCLA Labor Center Summer Internship Program and has organized full-time in Los Angeles since 2004.
Jollene is also a survivor and a feminist. Organizing with women saved her life, and for over 22 years, she has been a member of the anti-imperialist, transnational feminist organization AF3IRM, formerly serving as the National Chairperson and currently serving on its International Committee.
She got her Bachelor of Arts degree at UC Irvine in Political Science and Asian American Studies, where she organized in student movements for Filipino Studies, solidarity with workers on strike, and against the war. She received her Masters of Social Work from USC, with a concentration on Community Organization, Policy, Planning, and Organization. She was an inaugural UCLA Labor Movement Fellow in 2023.


B.A., University of California, Irvine
M.S.W., University of Southern California

Jollene Levid