Jennifer Chun

Jennifer Chun

Associate Professor & Undergraduate Advisor


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Rolfe Hall 3319


PhD University of California, Berkeley (2006)
MA University of California, Berkeley (1999)
BA Dartmouth College (1995)

Research Interests:


Jennifer Jihye Chun is Associate Professor in the Asian American Studies Department and the International Institute at UCLA. She was previously on the faculty at the University of Toronto (2012-18) and the University of British Columbia (2006-12). She has published widely on the changing world of precarious work and labor politics, with a focus on the intersections of gender, race, class and migration in comparative and global perspective. She is the author of the award-winning book, Organizing at the Margins: The Symbolic Politics of Labor in South Korea and the United States (Cornell University Press, 2009). She recently co-edited a 2018 special issue of Critical Sociology entitled, “Care Work in Transition: Transnational Circuits of Gender, Care and Migration” with Heidi Gottfried and a 2018 special volume in Political Power and Social Theory entitled, “Gendering Struggles Against Informal and Precarious Work” with Rina Agarwala. She is currently writing a book monograph on public cultures of protest in South Korea with Ju Hui Judy Han. She is the former President (2010-14) and Vice-President (2006-10) of the Labour Movements Research Committee (RC44) of the International Sociology Association. She is currently serving as the Secretary-Treasurer of the Asia and Asian American section of the American Sociological Association.

Selected Books and Publications

  • Chun, Jennifer Jihye and Yang-Sook Kim. 2018. “Feminist Entanglements with the Neoliberal Welfare State: NGOs and Domestic Worker Organizing in South Korea.” Political Power and Social Theory Volume 35
  • Chun, Jennifer Jihye and Cynthia Cranford. 2018. “Becoming Homecare Workers: Chinese Immigrant Women and the Changing Worlds of Work, Care and Unionism.” Critical Sociology 44:7/8 (online first, February 12) )
  • Chun, Jennifer Jihye. 2016. “Building Political Agency and Movement Leadership: The Grassroots Organizing Model of Asian Immigrant Women Advocates.” Citizenship Studies 20(3-4): 379-395
  • Chun, Jennifer Jihye. 2016. The Affective Politics of the Precariat: Reconsidering Alternative Histories of Organizing Women, Immigrants, and Racialized Workers.” Global Labour Journal 7(2): 136-147
  • Chun, Jennifer Jihye. 2016. “Organizing across Racial Divides: Union Challenges to Precarious Work in Vancouver’s Health Care Sector.” Progress in Development Studies 16(2): 173-188
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