The Academic Senate Faculty of the Asian American Studies Department’s Strike Solidarity Statement on Grading

On November 2, 2022, the Asian American Studies Department released a statement expressing our solidarity with striking UAW graduate and academic workers.

Aligned with this statement and in accordance with the recommendations of Council of UC Faculty Associations, the Academic Senate faculty of the Department of Asian American Studies agree unanimously that until the strike has concluded:

We will not pick up struck work.

We will not hire additional labor to make up for the labor the strikers are withholding.

We will not submit grades on assignments that have already been graded or otherwise insert grades that are not representative.

In addition, those of us who are teaching courses without TAs or readers will also withhold grades in solidarity.

We may make exceptions for individual students whose circumstances as those on international visas, about to graduate, on financial aid, or other such considerations make them particularly vulnerable to withheld grades.

In doing so, we exercise our rights as protected by HEERA (Higher Education Employee Relations Act).

Graduate student labor is fundamental to our pedagogical and scholarly enterprise, which cannot be sustained without improving their living and working conditions. To resolve the disruption to the continuity and quality of student education, we urge the UC toward a speedy settlement that honors the value and rights of graduate and academic workers.


These statements represent the views of the core faculty of the Asian American Studies department and do not necessarily represent the views of the University of California, or UCLA or its Chancellor.