Asian American Studies Research Colloquium Winners

Adjudication Document

Panel A

  • 1st place: Emily Hong Van Luong – “A sis bout to drown in these edges”: Asian American Appropriation of African American Vernacular English and Coalition-Building in Social Justice Movements
  • 2nd place: Faith Ngo – Conceptions of Bicultural Identities and High School Experience Among Second Generation Vietnamese Americans
  • 3rd place: Michelle Wei – The Conundrum of Identity: First Generation Taiwanese American Identity Formation

 Panel B

  • 1st place: Markus Faye Portacio – Kultura through Komiks: Philippine Mythology Depicted in Filipino Comic Books
  • 2nd place: Ji Yoon Kim – “Why are you at a community college?”: Examining The Intersection of the Model Minority Myth and Community College Stigma among First and Multi-generation Asian American Community College Students
  • 3rd place: Janie Chen – Know History, Know Self: Coming Home for Formerly Incarcerated Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders

 Panel C

  • 1st place: Jason Tuan Vu – Crossing Empire: Theorizing Settler Carcerality via Southeast Asian Deportation
  • 2nd place: Christian Okubo – Resurrection After Incarceration: The Japanese American Community of Denver, Colorado
  • 3rd place: Thuy Trang Sabrina Pham – Cultivating Stories: Examining Vietnamese Refugee Knowledge & Personhood

 Video Presentations

  • 1st place: Grant Cho – Issues of Access to Healthcare for Korean Patients in Los Angeles
  • 2nd place: Joanne Seung – Socio-cultural contributions to differential RNA gene expression in Korean American young adults
  • 3rd place: Annalyn Diaz – Sword and Shield–Ethnic Studies and Culturally-Relevant Pedagogy as Tools for Student Empowerment and Liberation