Rishi Guné

Rishi Guné


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A.B. American Studies, Vassar College, 2017

Research Interests:

The nation-state, nationalisms, belonging, necropolitics, biopolitics, neoliberalism, diaspora, globalization, transnationalism, South Asia, South Asian diaspora, postcolonial theory, queer theory, critical race theory, and gender studies.

I am an artist and scholar from Desert Hot Springs, California. I was active in the LGBTQ community during my time at Vassar, becoming the President of the Queer Coalition of Vassar College during my last year and half in school. I was also the Co-Political Chair of the Multiracial/Biracial Student Association during my senior year. I am interested in examining the ideological construct of the nation-state through a bio-political analysis of the public and private spheres of the nation. I want to focus on understanding new modes of creating and envisioning the nation-state paradigm in India and the U.S. My thesis will focus on creating a new genre art installation that will work to re-signify the citizen-subject’s place within the public sphere of the nation.