Christie Yamasaki

Christie Yamasaki


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B.A. in Economics and minor in Asian Humanities, UCLA

Research Interests:

Transnationalism, biopolitics, governmentality, ideology, diaspora, race, immigration, and family history

My name is Christie Yamasaki and have just completed my first year of the East Asian Studies M.A. program at UCLA, with a focus on Japan. Many of my research interests have been inspired by my family history. I became interested in the different kinds of identities produced by interactions between the U.S. and Japanese empires during World War II because my Nisei grandfather was interned and later served overseas in Occupied Japan for the U.S. Army. Moving forward, I would like to continue to pull inspiration from my own ethnic background of Japanese/Vietnamese American and begin a comparative transnational project that incorporates more of the Vietnamese side of my family’s story into my research.