Christian Gerard Gella

Christian Gerard Gella


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B.A. English Literature/Creative Writing, UC San Diego

Research Interests:

Indigeneity; Pilipino Studies; Patwin/Wintun land; Non-human, plants, ghosts, haunting; Settler colonialism; Repatriation and reparations; TV/episodic writing (hour/drama)

Christian Gerard Gella (he/siya) is a non-binary Bisayan (Ilonggo/Boholano) and Lumban settler, TV writer, and filmmaker. Raised on Patwin and Wintun land, he now currently occupies Gabrielino-Tongva land. In both his scholarly and creative work, Gella explores Pilipino coalition with indigenous, black, and non-human communities towards a future of liberation. He is interested in the lives of plants, ghosts, and non-human in rural infrastructures, as well as uncovering palimpsested histories around land and space.