Alex Nguyen

Alex Nguyen


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BA in Public Health Policy, BA in Asian American Studies, UC Irvine

Research Interests:

Mental health, health disparities, health equity, evaluation, immigration, health access, data communication, Asian American history

I’m the son of Vietnamese refugees and grew up in San Francisco, CA. I’m a dual degree student in the MA/MPH program. Prior to coming to UCLA, I went to UC Irvine. There, I participated in the BADAAS (Beginnings of Activism for the Department of Asian American Studies) project using a combination of oral histories and archival research. My academic interests include the intersection of race/ethnicity and health, specifically how race and ethnicity can affect mental health. Within public health, I’m interested in evaluation work to explore more effective ways to disseminate data. I believe in educating the community so that they can use the data we collect on them to tell their own stories. In my spare time, I bike, watch bad network television, and rewatch Marvel movies and romcoms.