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Scholarship Opportunity for Students with Dependents: Deadline: 2/18

The Students with Dependents scholarship application is now open. We have three awards up to $5000, open to graduate and undergraduate students. Please help us spread the word! We will also be conducting follow up with students who opt-in for more information and resources to ensure they have access to all the support they may need to be successful!


There is also an emergency grant available through our partners at the Raise the Barr Foundation. This is an outside organization that can assist students with funds for things such as unexpected car repairs, moving expenses, or school supply costs not accounted for in their budgets. Currently, students must be referred through the Students with Dependents Program in order to be eligible, so I just need a heads up if a student applies.  The application can be reached here: https://www.raisethebarr.org/applications/

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