Need for a Student Intern for Dr. Keiko Ikeda DEADLINE: February 15th, 2019

Keiro’s 4 facilities, the Retirement Home, Intermediate Care Facility, and the 2 Nursing Homes, were sold in 2/2016 despite strong objections from the community.  Approximately 17,000 people in the community signed petitions demanding that Keiro stop the sale and hold a public hearing instead.  Keiro argued that selling all 4 facilities, totaling 600 mostly Nikkei seniors, to Pacifica Companies was the only way to preserve the Nikkei institution.  CA Attorney General placed a 5 year condition on the sale.  Keiro was a non-profit facility for 50 years, but with the sale, it became a private institution.


Changes in the facilities began immediately after the sale with Nikkei staff and volunteers leaving and the resulting degradation of services due to lack of staff as well as newly hired staff with inadequate training.  KSCA has advocated for the well-being of the residents and requested that Keiro spend the $70 million that they have to rebuild the facilities.  Their asset is from 50 years of donations they received from both the JA community and from Japan.  KSCA has decided to do a survey to determine the needs of the community for rebuilding culturally sensitive and affordable Nikkei senior facilities.


Distribution of the survey began in 12/2018 and will end on 2/15/2019.  Data input from approximately 3000 responses from local communities as well as other states, will be conducted by a student intern.  The student will be provided with supervision and will meet with a mentor.  Data input is to begin in February and end by March/early April, covering a period of approximately 6 to 8 weeks.   A stipend of $1500 will be offered for 100 hours of data entry. Student is encouraged to participate in discussions on the outcome of the study.

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