Faculty Publications

    Victor Bascara
    Model-Minority Imperialism
   (University Of Minnesota Press)

    Lucy Mae San Pablo Burns
    Puro Arte: Filipinos on the Stages of Empire
    (Post Pop Millennia)
    (NYU Press)

    Keith L. Camacho
    Cultures of Commemoration: The Politics of War, Memory,
    and History in the Mariana Islands
    (University of Hawaii Press)

    Lane Ryo Hirabayashi
   A Principled Stand: The Story of
   Hirabayashi v. United States
   (Capell Family Book)
   (University of Washington Press)

    Marjorie Kagawa-Singer et. al.
    Health Issues for Minority Adolescents
    (Child, Youth, and Family Services)
    (University of Nebraska Press)

    Grace Kyungwon Hong
    The Ruptures Of American Capital: Women Of Color
    Feminism And The Culture Of Immigrant Labor
    (University Of Minnesota Press)

    Jinqi Ling
    Across Meridians: History and Figuration in Karen Tei
    Yamashita's Transnational Novels (Asian America)
    (Stanford University Press)

    David Wong Louie
    The Barbarians are Coming
    (Penguin Group USA)

    Purnima Mankekar
    Unsettling India: Affect, Temporality, Transnationality
    (Duke University Press Books)

    Valerie Matsumoto
    City Girls: The Nisei Social World in Los Angeles,
    (Oxford University Press)

    Thu-huong Nguyen-vo
    The Ironies of Freedom: Sex, Culture, and Neoliberal
    Governance in Vietnam (Critical Dialogues in Southeast
    Asian Studies)
    (University of Washington Press)

    Paul Ong
    The New Asian Immigration in Los Angeles and Global
    Restructuring (Asian American History & Culture)
    (Temple University Press)

    Kyeyoung Park
    The Korean American Dream: Immigrants and Small
    Business in New York City (The Anthropology of
    Contemporary Issues)
    (Cornell University Press)

    Renee Tajima-Peña
    Who Killed Vincent Chin?
    A film by Christine Choy and Renee Tajima

    Tritia Toyota
    Envisioning America: New Chinese Americans and the
    Politics of Belonging (Asian America)
    (Stanford University Press)

    David K. Yoo
    Growing Up Nisei: Race, Generation, and Culture among
    Japanese Americans of California, 1924-49 (Asian
    American Experience)
    (University of Illinois Press)

    Min Zhou
    Contemporary Chinese America: Immigration,
    Ethnicity, and Community Transformation
    (Asian American History & Culture)
    (Temple University Press)