Event: PhD Workshop!

Date & Time

May 23, 2017 -
12:00pm to 2:00pm

Contact Information


5/23: Campbell 3221, 5/24: Campbell 3232

Dr. Mark Padoongpatt, the Asian American Studies Center Visiting Scholar, will be holding a workshop for those who are interested in understanding and getting the scoop on the process of getting a PhD and what to do with it.

The workshop is offered on two different dates, both from 12:pm-2:00pm. The dates and locations are:

  • Tuesday, 5/23 in Campbell 3221 (across from AAS main office)
  • Wednesday, 5/24 in Campbell 3232 (AAS Center conference room)

***refreshments will be served***

Please RVSP by emailing Uyen Hoang at uyenphoang@g.ucla.edu. If you are interested or have questions but cannot go, please email Uyen any questions you have! Notes will be shared after the session.

A little bit about Mark:

He received his Ph.D. in American Studies & Ethnicity at the University of Southern California in 2011.  Dr. Padoongpatt is an ethnic studies scholar with a focus on Asian/Pacific Islander American studies and twentieth century United States history.  His research examines the history of race and ethnicity in American society, immigration, urban/suburban cultures, food, tourism, and sports.  


His upcoming book, Flavors of Empire, explores the factors that made foodways central to the Thai American experience in LA. Through his book, Dr. Padoongpatt opens up the history, politics, and tastes of Thai food for the first time, all while demonstrating how race emerges in seemingly mundane and unexpected places.