News: Celebrating with Tiffany Lytle (MA '17)

March 22, 2017 - 4:45pm

Tiffany Lytle is a dancer/choreographer, singer/songwriter who has trained in Cambodian Classical dance since the age of 5. As a soloist and member of KPA Fusion Dance Repertoire (2009—2013), Tiffany was trained in dance techniques that fused African, modern, jazz, ballet and hip hop dance. Inspired by KPA Fusion, Tiffany has spent several years experimenting with Cambodian fusion dance. She heavily uses the influence of jazz and pop music in her musical work to create content that is not only audibly engaging, but features content that reflects on the history of the Cambodian American diaspora. Her latest artistic project is inspired by her work in the UCLA Asian American Studies M.A. program. 


Tiffany Lytle’s newest single “We” honors the memory of artists killed by the Khmer Rouge regime. “We” acknowledges the Cambodian Classical art preservation movement that has been taking place in the Cambodian American diaspora. This song is the first single from Tiffany Lytle’s upcoming record Cambodian Child, which will be released in Summer 2017.


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“We” can be found on all music platforms, including iTunes and Spotify.

Art work created by Jillian Shundo (Jill of All Trades Design)