Asian American Studies Major

The Asian American Studies B.A. requires a total of 14 courses:


Students must complete two lower division courses from:

  • Asian American Studies 10 or 10W: History of Asian Americans;
  • Asian American Studies 20 or 20W: Contemporary Asian American Communities;
  • Asian American Studies 30 or 30W: Asian American Literature and Culture;
  • Asian American Studies 40 or 40W: Asian American Movement;
  • Asian American Studies 50 or 50W: Asian American Women


Students must complete twelve upper division courses*:
  • Scholarly and Creative Communication in Asian American Studies, Asian American Studies 101;
  • One AAS Creative Expression course, numbered from Asian American Studies 112C, 120, 121, 122B, C142A, C142B, C142C, M173;
  • One AAS Diversity course, numbered from Asian American Studies 115, M116, 120, 130A, M130B, M130C, 131A, 131B, 131C, 132A, 133, 134, 143B, M143C, M160, M164, M165, M166A, 167, M169, 174A, 175A, 187C, 191C;
  • One AAS Engaged Scholarship course, numbered from Asian American Studies 140SL, 141A, 141B, M143A, M168, 195;
  • One AAS Global/Transnational Perspectives course, numbered from Asian American Studies 122A, 123, M163, M164, 170, 171A, 171B, 171C, M171D, 171E, M172A, 172B, M172C, 174B, 175B;
  • One AAS Multidisciplinary Approaches course, numbered from Asian American Studies 103 through M129, M161, M166B, M166C, M168, M172C, 187A, 191A, M191F;
  • One AAS Capstone Course, Asian American Studies 185 or Asian American Studies 186 (formerly 187);
  • Five AAS Electives, numbered from Asian American Studies 103 through 199

Major Requirement worksheet for students entering Fall 2013 and after: 

PDF iconundergraduate_major_course-planning_worksheet_2018.pdf


Please note that this worksheet is used as a course-planning tool only. This form is not to serve as the official completion document.


  • No more than 12 graded units of Asian American Studies 195, 197, 198, and 199 may be applied toward the major.
  • Asian American Studies 192 and 196 may not be applied toward the major.
  • Each course applied toward the major must be taken for a letter grade (courses offered only on a P/NP grading basis are acceptable), each must be at least 4 units, and students must have an overall GPA of 2.0 or better.


Students must file an Undergraduate Program Change Petition with the Department Academic Advisor (send via MyUCLA Message Center or in-person, advising appointments preferred)


Interested in double majoring? Students in good academic standing may petition to declare a double major consisting of departmental majors from two departments in the College of Letters and Science, provided it can be done with 216 units and time-to-degree. Students can petition to declare a double major after having completed the following:

  • All prerequisites for both majors
  • 2 upper division courses in both majors
Double Major Restrictions

With a few exceptions, double majors within the same departemnt are not allowed. Students must designate one of the two majors as their primary major. No more than 20 upper division units may be common to both majors. If you choose to double major in a department in the College of Letters and Science AND in another school, then your primary major must be the non-College of Letters and Science major.

How to Petition for a Double Major

(1) Submit 3 petitions:

    (2) Ask the department advisor/counselor from each major to complete the following steps:

      • Review Degree Audit Report (DAR) with you to review all major requirements
      • Complete and sign/date the Undergraduate Program Change Petition
      • Complete and sign/date sections 3-5 of the Double Major Petition by noting any substitutions or waivers of major requirements that have been approved but are not accurately reflected on DAR, and indicating any course overlaps between majors
      • On the Degree Plan Contract: initial next to the courses that satsify major requirements, and sign/date the petition

      (3) If you will exceed the 216 unit maximum and/or your time-to-degree, you must submit a Blue Petition along with your double major petitions and address your academic reasoning for requesting additional units/time: PDF iconucla_college_blue_petition.pdf

      (4) Submit the following to your College or School counseling unit:

        • Undergraduate Program Change Petition
        • Double Major Petition
        • Degree Plan Contract
        • Blue Petition (if you are exceeding the 216 unit maximum or time-to-degree)

        (5) Check the status of your petition on MyUCLA > "Academics" tab > "Petitions" link