Event: Asian American Mental Health Awareness Week

Date & Time

May 7, 2018 - 12:00pm to May 11, 2018 - 11:00pm

Contact Information

Contact Information
Cheng-Wei (CJ) Jan | AGC President | (323) 717-4600 Annabel Chen | AGC Vice President | (310) 347-9208 JK Suh | AGC Recruitment Chair | (617) 953 Facebook Event page


UCLA Asian Greek Council Presents:
Although mental health is an issue that reaches far beyond specific groups, we believe that is important to acknowledge that, like most things, mental health is something that takes on different forms, especially at the intersection of different cultures, genders, sexual orientations, etc. Not only does our identity as Asian American affect the way these issues surface, but it also greatly affects the way we treat the issues when they do. There is a prevalent notion of "suffering in silence", which is a manifestation of our cultural expectations: keep to yourself, don't bother others, pride, etc. What we want to do is help support this new wave of breaking that silence and reaching out to establish solidarity within our Asian American community and provide space for people to feel supported and validated. 
For more information:
Monday 5/7 - Wednesday 5/9
We'll be tabling on Bruinwalk with various activities and handing out stickers and such. 
Thursday 5/10
"Suffering in Silence": Mental Health Panel and Discussion
We will be leading a facilitated discussion about the themes that tie our experiences, as Asian Americans, together and how they subsequently affect our mental health. We will present data both from national surveys and from a local one we're putting together ourselves (https://goo.gl/forms/hQqhGdA80yUoftGX2). We have invited three panelists who are all in positions to offer valuable insight into the topics. We haven't announced them yet, but we will very soon on the Facebook event so stay tuned. The panelists will speak about research on a large scale, first-hand experiences as a clinical therapist, and personal anecdotes. 
Friday 5/11
Psypher: Mental Health and Dance Workshop
Psypher is a club on campus that has set out to start discussions about mental health in the space of a dance workshop, ultimately using our bodies to express emotions that maybe our voices cannot. The audience of Psypher is largely Asian (because that is the majority of the dance community at UCLA), which is why AGC is pairing with Psypher to lead an Asian American Mental Health specific workshop. We will use this space to unpack some of the themes we discussed during the previous day at the panel.
We wholeheartedly encourage any questions and suggestions! Please feel free to contact any of the following:

Cheng-Wei (CJ) Jan | AGC President | (323) 717-4600
Annabel Chen | AGC Vice President | (310) 347-9208
JK Suh | AGC Recruitment Chair | (617) 953-1786